game Sunday, with the Pattriots playing at home against the Dolphins in the AFC East.dddddddddddd The other 1 p.m.

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Each week, ESPN.com.au AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - casts his eye over the countrys best junior footballers to give readers an early insight into the next generation of AFL stars.As well as attending live games, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful draft analysis.Aside from the weekly wrap, Doerre will also unveil his power rankings at the end of each month.And as we get closer to Novembers national draft, Doerre will also predict who goes where with his annual phantom draft.Player focusOf great influence in the AFL All Star Under-18 exhibition match was West Australian Shai Bolton. Bolton, who had produced many spectacular moments throughout the season, put on a show for the packed Punt Road Oval crowd.Bolton, a 177cm forward, demonstrated eye-popping acceleration with ball in hand and was damaging by foot. What clubs would have been most pleased to have seen was the desperation and hardness he played with.Boltons 16 disposals, four contested possessions, two marks, one tackle, two clearances, seven inside 50s, one goal and one score assist may on the surface appear consistent with what the flashy forward has done throughout much of the season, but his impact throughout the contest was profound.It was the plays that did not show up in the stats sheet that made this such an impressive game. Chase-down tackling a player from behind. Taking on the game at every opportunity at speed, breaking the lines or breaking away from stoppages; finding targets inside the forward 50m. Beating two opposition players to a ground ball then after winning it, tapping it out to a teammate on a play that from a wing resulted in a meaningful forward 50m entry. Smothering an opposition kick and having the reflexes to win the ball. Taking a mark, getting hit then playing on, finding a forward 50m target.It was an outstanding performance from one of this years most promising talents.Analysis? Bolton has improved over the course of the season, with two four-goal games during the WAFL Colts finals series. He also in Round 22 kicked a season-high seven goals. He has also maintained disposal numbers between 14 and 23 per game over his nine WAFL Colts maches following on from the AFL Under-18 Championships, demonstrating improving consistency.While Bolton is a damaging player who can turn a game, there are several areas that require further work. He has a light body at only 67kg and will need to become stronger. His contested-ball winning at this stage is limited to winning the ground balls, with greater strength around the contest needed. Endurance and work rate also require further work. As must his effort defensively, which can be good in patches but overall, he needs to apply himself more defensively, more often, if he is to win over AFL coaches.Bolton is likely to feature in the first or second round in this years AFL draft and is sure to be an immediate favourite because of his speed, agility, hurt factor with ball in hand and instinctive ground ball pickups.Victorian prospect watchUnder-18sAfter featuring prominently during the TAC Cup finals for Sandringham, Jack Scrimshaw was again impressive with 16 disposals, four contested possessions and six marks (two contested). For someone of 193cm, Scrimshaws movement through traffic is rare and on countless occasions he could be seen with ball in hand navigating through traffic without anyone laying a hand on him. Scrimshaws intercept marking and ground level pickups were also very clean and impressive.Views as to what Scrimshaw may develop into at AFL level are varied. Some feel with Scrimshaws composure with ball in hand and movement through traffic, he may become a midfielder, whereas others question his willingness to win contested ball and his capacity down back to limit the influence of an opposition forward, playing a loose, unaccountable style of game.Possible No. 1 pick Hugh McCluggage was a class above with 17 disposals, seven contested possessions, four goals and one score assist off half-forward. His finishing on goal from general play and quality of ball use throughout the game were a class above.Tim Taranto, following on from his exceptional finals series, was one of the medal winners for being the best player on his team. Taranto had 19 disposals, five contested possessions, three marks, four tackles, four goals and one score assist. He spent much of the game forward, finishing around goal and using the ball well.The other medal went to Oliver Florent, who like Taranto and Scrimshaw also played a part in Sandringhams TAC Cup grand final win. Florent had 29 disposals and 16 contested possessions to go along with four marks, three tackles, seven clearances, seven inside 50s and one score assist. Florent led all players on the ground in disposals, contested possessions and clearances, achieving season-highs in each category.It was a complete performance from Florent, who won first possession at stoppages and read ruck taps well, using the ball efficiently and working well through traffic. Florents draft stocks have risen over the past few weeks and he is now considered in the mix to be selected in the first round.After winning best on ground honours in Sandringhams grand final win, Andrew McGrath had his moments. offering meaningful run and carry from the back half, including an exciting 30m run with ball in hand off half-back. Overall though he was not as dominant as he was the week prior. McGrath off half-back had 18 disposals, eight contested possessions, four marks (one contested) and one score assist.Top-rated small forward Ben Ainsworth had a few good moments with his acceleration with ball in hand at one point particularly striking. He had 15 disposals, four contested possessions, six marks, five inside 50s, one goal and one score assist.Playing in a different role to where he has customarily played his junior football, Joshua Daicos was used off half-back. He showed some positive signs with 18 disposals, five contested possessions, three tackles and two score assists. It was a far from complete game from Daicos, dropping a mark he should have taken and while at times damaging by foot, he operated below 50 percent kicking efficiency.Having another disappointing game, Todd Marshalls draft stocks continue to plummet. Marshall this season in the TAC Cup averaged only two goals and three marks per game. He again went missing with only nine disposals, three contested possessions, two tackles, one mark and two hitouts.With key forwards, the key indicators are production, points of difference and rate of improvement. Marshalls points of difference are clear at 198cm, with his rare cleanness at ground level and athletic attributes. The rate of improvement and production over the course of the season though are what have let Marshall down, and why there are question marks as to how good he will become and where he should be selected.While still in the first round mix, he may now slip into the second round depending on how clubs have viewed his finals campaign, and how strongly they feel about Marshalls chances to develop into an AFL-grade key forward.Under-17s In the AFL grand final curtain raiser, Lochie OBrien, a 184cm, 74kg midfielder, played a complete game. His ball use was exceptional, hitting targets around the field and finishing reliably in front of goal from difficult positions. The outside run he offered also was impressive as was his evasiveness. He avoided several tackles, showing anticipation, sidestepping opposition players on a couple of occasions.OBrien proved able to have an impact at centre bounces, winning first possession and distributing effectively by hand. His marking also was impressive both around the ground attacking the ball in flight and having the smarts to win the one-on-one contests through good body positioning and in one of the contests nudging his opponent at the right time. OBrien had 20 disposals, 12 contested possessions, seven marks (two contested), four clearances, six inside 50s, two goals and three score assists.Also impressive was Hunter Clark, a 186cm, 79kg midfielder. He had 21 disposals, 10 contested possessions, six marks (one contested), eight tackles, four inside 50s and two score assists. Clark showed class with ball in hand, navigating well through traffic and doing damage by foot, using both feet effectively and weighting his kicks well. He showed promising athletic ability, taking a strong leaping, contested mark. He showed his acceleration over some short bursts. Clarks contested-ball winning and tackling also was very solid.Playing a desperate, hard style of game, James Worpel, a 185cm, 82kg midfielder, impressed with 18 disposals, eight contested possessions, four marks, three inside 50s and three rebound 50s. He won the contested ball and showed his strength with a strong fend-off late in the match. On several occasions, when tackled, Worpel maintained the strength to get his kicks and handballs off to targets. His diving smother and diving tackle also were impressive effort plays that would have been noted by those in attendance.Cameron Rayner, a 185cm, 84kg forward contributed well with 16 disposals, four contested possessions, four marks, four inside 50s, one goal and one score assist. His ball use was damaging and evasiveness also was good.Playing to a best-on-ground standard through the first half was 176cm, 73kg midfielder Jack Higgins. Splitting his time between the midfield and front half, he had 24 disposals (19 in the first half), 11 contested possessions, four marks, four frees for, five clearances, one goal and three score assists. His work at ground level was exceptional, as was his technique to draw free kicks. He was however wasteful in front of goal with an uncharacteristic four behinds.Exciting with his acceleration, Ethan Penrith a 179cm, 74kg running half-back flanker impressed. He had 10 disposals, seven contested possessions, five tackles and three rebound 50s. His impact per possession is what made him stand out. He broke the lines at every opportunity, displaying excellent acceleration.Under-18 All Australian and highly regarded 200cm, 90kg ruck prospect, Sam Hayes was effective through the ruck and up forward. He had eight disposals, five contested possessions, 20 hitouts and one goal. He led all ruckmen in hitouts and also took an impressive one-on-one mark, attacking the ball in flight and proving too strong in the contest.South Australian prospect watchUnder-18sForward William Hayward continued his impressive form with a 14 disposals, nine contested possessions, four clearances, two goals and one score assist. Hayward as he has shown throughout the SANFL Under-18 finals series has shown how dangerous he is up forward. He was effective, showing goal kicking range beyond 50m and also exciting with a chase-down tackle on an opposition defender.What was unexpected was seeing Hayward pushing through the midfield. He showed he could win first possession and get the clearances which may be something with further work and opportunities he may be able to add to his game in the future.Under-17sArguably South Australias most advanced draft prospect, Callum Coleman-Jones, a 199cm, 98kg ruckman was impressive with 14 disposals, seven marks (two contested), four tackles, six hitouts, three inside 50s and two score assists. His physicality, intercept marking and tap work impressed.Western Australian prospect watchUnder 18sProviding a spark through the midfield was Sam Petrevski-Seton. Through the midfield he had 23 disposals, 12 contested possessions, eight tackles and six clearances. Petrevski-Seton was not as damaging as he can be, finding a lot of the ball at stoppages rather than on the outside, but his attack on the ball and tackling energy were positives.Through the ruck, Tim English was clearly on top with his tap work better than it was earlier in the season. At centre bounces he has the elevation and reach to tap the ball down and his work to gain front position from boundary throw-ins also helped. He had just seven disposals and 16 hitouts in what was by Englishs standards a quiet game. This likely was in part due to the heavy minutes he played in the front half.What was disappointing from English was when he was used forward was how poor his hands were. On at least three occasions inside the forward 50m he had three simple opportunities to take marks out in front, uncontested but spilled them.Sam Powell-Pepper was one of the more influential players on the ground. He had 18 disposals, seven contested possessions, five tackles, four inside 50s and one score assist. He showed excellent power over the ball and impressive acceleration out of congestion. It was also noted by those in attendance his confidence going back for a set shot goal from 60m. It very nearly went through before being stopped on the goal line.Contributing well in defence, Joshua Rotham showed some positive signs. He had only 11 disposals, five contested possessions, two marks (one contested) and two rebound 50s, but had some good moments. He moved through traffic well, took an intercept mark directly from an opposition clearance and also laid a goal-saving tackle in the opposing goal square which was a highlight from the 192cm defender.Potential West Coast father-son choice Jake Waterman kicked two goals to go along with six disposals, four marks and one score assist. He appeared disinterested at stages, demonstrating poor body language for much of the game. He appeared particularly inattentive and lacking focus during the three-quarter time break.Division two states (Tasmania, Northern Territory, NSW/ACT, Queensland and Northern Academy) prospects watchUnder-18sGold Coast Academy midfielder Jack Bowes was prominent through the midfield with 23 disposals, 13 contested possessions, four tackles, three clearances and two score assists. His stoppage work was particularly impressive, winning first possession regularly, distributing well by hand and laying some important tackles.Under-17s Connor Ballenden, a 198cm, 95kg, Brisbane Academy key forward and ruckman, was impressive in both positions. He showed that he can take a strong mark, have an impact at ground level and hit the scoreboard as a forward. Through the ruck Ballendens tap work was good. He had eight disposals, three contested possessions, three marks (one contested), 12 hitouts, two goals and one score assist.Gold Coast Academy ruckman Brayden Crossley didnt find much of the ball but impressed with his tap work and physicality. The 198cm, 100kg big man had four disposals, three tackles, 15 hitouts and one goal. The highlight of Crossleys game was his heavy collision with Aaron Naughton. Both players courageously went at ball at full speed, fully committed to the contest with their heads over the ball. Crossley won the ground ball, with Naughton feeling the effects of the contest. Terrific courage was shown by both players, keeping their eye on the ball and going in so ferociously.Also impressing through the ruck was GWS Academy, 197cm, 99kg ruckman Nathan Richards. He had 10 disposals, five contested possessions, four marks (two contested), five tackles, 14 hitouts and three clearances. 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The Flyers had won seven of eight before dropping their last two outings on consecutive days over the weekend. Philadelphia was handed a 6-3 loss by the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday afternoon before dropping a 4-1 decision to the Rangers the following night in New York City. Some big division matchups highlight the eight early-afternoon NFL games, including what is likely to be a brutal rematch between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.The Steelers eliminated the Bengals in a physical wild-card game last season, and Cincinnati will be without linebacker Vontaze Burfict because of a suspension for his helmet-to-helmet hit against receiver Antonio Brown near the end of that contest.The Ravens travel to Cleveland in another AFC North game Sunday, with the Pattriots playing at home against the Dolphins in the AFC East.dddddddddddd The other 1 p.m. games are Tennessee at Detroit, Kansas City at Houston, the 49ers at Carolina, the Saints at the Giants and Dallas at Washington -- another division matchup, in the NFC East.---AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org and AP NFL Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/AP-NFL Cheap NFL Hoodies Cheap Jerseys Online Wholesale NFL Autographed Jerseys White NFL Jerseys Cheap Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Black NFL Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys ' ' '

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