In fact, there are many things that can

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In fact, there are many things that can seriously pollute the environment. There are: littering anyw's reform and development are in a critical period Newport Cigarettes Website. To achieve the goal of building a well-off society, all aspects must keep up. However, there are still some problems - ou turned out that there were shades of trees and flowers and grasses drove open. Bees and butterflies are home there, and there is a charming atmosphere everywhere. But now, there is no grass, no smell, no smell, no one wants to stay there for a while. Ugh! It��s a pity that such a beautiful garden is gone! If people pay attention to it and don't pollute the environment there, now, after improvement, it is a paradise. And, what a wonderful thing for pfactories where waste is polluting the environment, but the most serious is water pollution. I have heard of a story: there is a village with a clear pond. There are lotus flowers in the water, and there are goldfish. It is very beautiful. Visitors coming to this village will not forget to take a look at the scenery here. And the people in the village wash and cook, and even drink water and the water here, so the water is very precious. One day, a businessman opened a factory near the pond. The factory ruled out a lot of waste water and garbage, and they flowed into the pond... The consequences can be imagined: the goldfish is dead, the water is sewage, and the tourists are no longer coming. The people in the village have moved away... Hey! The small pond has disappeared. The factory has seriously polluted the environment, making the environment in the village very bad and affecting people's lives. Although this is a story, there are indeed many such thined in the water Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, letting the water flow away. If they go on like this, how much water wilater: people are rich in life, always wasting water, and as a result, water is used up. water heaters, etc., many household appliances are open for a whole day Marlboro Red, and there are many wastes of electricity! Others open the household appliances but don't need them. They are placed there, and they can't be used for a long time. It��s okay to waste a bit. The most important thing is the waste of paper Marlboro Gold. The waste of paper is too serious Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Some people is to waste those precious resources, such as petrol! Now, people are living well, and and pollute the environment, pollute the water, and pollute the environment, there are many, many things, but as long as these things are not allowed, they can avoid the waste of resources and pollute the environment. The unfortunate consequences of the matter.

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