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villagers at the foot of the mountain met, they would pick up the bamboo baskets and pick up the persimmons. The people with the poles on their shoulders met in the mountains, talked to each other, laughed, and the voice attracted people who worked near the foot of the mountain. Growing up, like a market Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, the long team is in the mountains, not in the mountains, only the unintentional footsteps and laughter are still hovering over the already-traveled footsteps to drive away the snake worms, laughter dispels The gloom of the haze, the clouds on the top of the mountain are warmed up by the sun, and the valleys that have entered the winter have become warm colors. Persimmons eat a lot. People use the persimmons to take off the mountains. Some people sell the persimmons, and some people pick the persimmons and make different snacks for their children. Some children like to eat soft persimmon, adults will store Microsoft's yellow persimmon for two days; some children like to eat crisp persimmon, adults will put yellow-green hard persimmon into the bucket and then use wood or straw The barrels are tight, and after three or five days, you can eat crisp persimmons that won't make a mouth; some children like to eat dried persimmons, and the adults will put the persimmons on the roof and basking on the roof. After a few days. When the honey is dried out, the surface of the persimmon will produce finely divided white powder Buy Discount Cigarettes. It is a sugar coating. When you eat a bite, it will sweeten into the bottom of the sugar coat. At the time, every household��s roof is filled with more or less hand-made. Bamboo rafts, bamboo rafts filled with red scented persimmons, and occasionally children will take a ladder to get, and occasionally there will be birds fling their wings to eat. In the persimmon season, even the roof is lively. Because the persimmon is dried by the air, it has less water and can be stored, so it has become a snack that many children carry with them in winter. The children's pockets are bulging, one is a persimmon, the persimmon color is very red, the same as the child's face, the child who chews the persimmon cake does not know the winter wind, only the persimmon honey is sticky and can be chilly. The favorite fruits of our children are all persimmons. Because the persimmons are cooked, it is enough for us to eat for a long time. The winter seems to be very long, and there are few snacks, so only some snacks are enough for children to rejoice and cherish today. In the winter, it seems that the busy people are only a few moments Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale, but today's children have too many snacks at hand, so no one will miss the wild fruit on the mountain, even the favorite persimmon taste. It has been forgotten. Nowadays, people often have expensive fruits in their homes. People fall in love with the beautifully packaged sugar. The ordinary persimmons have been left behind by people and abandoned in the persimmon season in the mountains. Children However, it has not rushed into the mountains, and the adults will no longer happily gather in the mountains. The valley is full of weeds, the weeds cover the road, the vines climb the persimmon tree, occupying the branches, and the persimmon tree is still stubbornly alive, but it is unable to struggle. They can't call for help, because they can't make a sound, only a few persimmons are the last cry they can make, but the shouts are too subtle, the wind blows away, people can't reach people's ears, people I won��t hear the deserted valley, occasional birds screaming, occasionally whistling in the wind and rain, but no one else sounds; on the forgotten persimmon tree, the persimmon grows and falls, cooked and wilted The persimmons that no one cares about directly fell into the branches and were weathered into ash. Some persimmons fell on the ground and were gradually swallowed by the soil. You can't know what they are thinking before they disappear. You can only guess what the picture was at the time. In the picture, the persimmons are silently stunned, and their eyes are quietly watching the sun rise and fall, watching the moon missing. It��s round again, and the figure is like a lonely person who is looking forward to returning to the lonely people Carton Of Newports 100. Who are they waiting for? The people they are worried about. But they waited, but they finally couldn't wait until spring and autumn. The persimmon trees were frosted and countless. Now, only the bees are still thinking about them Cheap Cartons Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, but it doesn't matter, the sun and rain have never left, and occasionally there is wind. In the wind, the wind brings the story of the mountain. They listen to the story, look at the mountains, silent, gestures or decadence or elegance. That is the attitude they are waiting for day after day, year after year, they are all It��s like this day after day, year after year, only some of the persimmons hanging on the branches like old lanterns, burning a small flame for the bare branches, no one found it doesn��t matter, after all, they never They are all silent. Silently brightening their own bright colors, warming their own warmth, and screaming that their lively Mars is weak, but it is enough to silence, enough to comfort the wind.

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