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Provexum UK Each of these tips is confirmed repeatedly, and quite understandable from a psychological point of view. First of all, your loved one is just as accustomed to listening and listening. The myth that only a woman can love with ears can be invented by men, covering their weaknesses. They can also fall in love with the voice or dislike him. From a physiological point of view, the voice, parts of the body, and hormones are closely related. The higher the testosterone level in men, the sexier they are and the longer their ... vocal cords. And, accordingly, the lower the timbre of the voice. Remember: if a man has a velvet baritone or pleasantly boasts, then most likely he will not be bored in bed with him. But if you catch "female" notes in his voice or he constantly breaks into a falsetto, such a man may well be inexperienced. What is better to decide, of course, you. But in any case, it would be nice to chat a little live before sex. According to statistics, most women prefer "males with a chest low voice." Basically, he is more aggressive, more prolific and healthier, losing his virginity much earlier than his less fortunate tribesmen with high voices. Do not believe it, but the situation with women is approximately the same. A female voice with low notes gives a natural stormy temperament and a high content of sex hormones. Men are not worse than women recognize it intuitively. Sexual voice for them is considered velvety, deep, chest. High notes, on the contrary, cut their ears. Recently, another important discovery was made: vibrations at a low frequency contribute to the production of joy hormones (endorphins). Psychologists say that people who have a low voice are more optimistic, they quickly get out of depression, are open to sex, love and emotions. If you are the owner of a high voice, in no case do not think that you will never be lucky with sex. Moreover, even “low-voiced” girls should be trained in the use of their weapons and their speech skills. Catherine Belobrovaya - vocal teacher, specially developed a set of exercises for girls with high voices. Giving these exercises a few minutes every day, soon you will “sound” in a new way. Work on breathing. The more even and smooth your breath, the less risk that at a crucial moment your voice will begin to tremble.

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