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Purefit Keto Pills Thermogenic or thermogenic substances that increase the metabolism giving an impulse to the production of heat like green tea containing epigallocatechin even if the effective action is modest. What is thermogenesis ? It is a metabolic process during which the body burns calories to digest food, assimilate nutrients and produce heat. The body starts consuming calories from the moment we take any food. However, there are nutrients that stimulate thermogenesis more than others. To give an example: absorbing protein foods the energy expenditure is higher (30%) compared to glycids and lipids (7% and 3% respectively). By taking proteins, we provide less calories to the body which, to perform its functions, will need to draw on fat reserves. It is this, explained in simple words, the fat burning effect of proteins . Foods in negative calories In addition to foods containing substances that stimulate thermogenesis and metabolism , foods with negative calories have been identified that are so lacking in calories that the body burns more calories than it absorbs with the food itself: all this makes you lose weight faster. The following foods that are good for your health are negative calorie foods: Celery, a natural anti-inflammatory Lettuce (19 kcal per 100 gr) which speeds up intestinal transit Zucchini (22 kcal) Onion (26 kcal) which strengthens the immune system Pickles and sauerkraut (20 kcal) Grapefruit (26 kcal) which is also diuretic and counteracts water retention. Negative calorie foods prove useful when included in a healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet along with other fat-burning foods. How can a food make you lose weight? The foods that make you lose weight or, to be precise, able to speed up weight loss have this power because they improve and reactivate the basal metabolism and thermogenesis, as we have already said. What are the properties that distinguish them from other foods? The characteristics of the foods that make you lose weight are: Low caloric density Absence of ethyl alcohol Low amount of lipids (with the exception of extra virgin olive oil) Medium or low amount of carbohydrates High amount of water High amount of fiber Satisfying capacity.


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